Fresh Poultry from Farm to Table

Goffle Road Poultry Farm, a staple in Wyckoff since opening its doors in 1948, has been owned and operated by the Silvestri family for four generations, and they continue to be proud of their tradition of offering quality poultry products direct from their farms to your table. A mainstay on Goffle Road, locals flock to their retail store for everything from fresh chicken to turkeys for Thanksgiving and fresh eggs for breakfast. Current owner Joseph Silvestri recently welcomed his son Brian as the newest generation of Silvestris to the business.

“While we will always maintain the quality we have held for decades, having Brian on board will help us take our business to the next level with new ideas, utilizing his knowledge of the latest in technology,” Joseph says.

Their poultry is grown on several Amish farms in Pennsylvania then brought to Wyckoff to process and market.

“We pride ourselves in still doing this the old-fashioned way,” Joseph says. “The birds are in open areas with fresh air, and they’re kept in old-style hen houses. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used, and that will never change. We’re not in the market to make this happen overnight, so if it takes a few extra days for them to grow that’s worth it for us and our customers.”

Offerings in their retail store include fresh chicken, turkey and duck, offered as both whole birds and in select parts; farm-fresh eggs; specialty meats like chicken sausage, ground meat and burgers; and game meats such as quail, pheasant goose and guinea hen.

Goffle Road Poultry sold more than 15,000 Thanksgiving turkeys last year—and “that’s a lot of birds,” Joseph says.

“Our Thanksgiving business keeps growing every year. It’s become a tradition for a lot of families in the area. We harp on the freshness of our products, and people notice,” he adds. “It costs a little more and adds an extra step in someone’s day coming to us to buy their poultry, so we have to make it worth their while, and we think we do.”

As for the next generation, Brian is hard at work.

“He’s already opened an online ordering system on our website,” Joseph says. “No doubt he will bring us into this millennium. The farming part will always stay the same, but his work will help us grow even more as a business.”

549 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, New Jersey, 201.444.3238,