January marks the beginning of a new calendar year, as well as the opportunity to set personal goals. Perhaps your resolutions include to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer locally at a nonprofit.

This month, we at Northwest Bergen Lifestyle encourage you to live your best life by taking care of yourself both inside and out. Try our wonderful healthy recipes, review a short but concise financial health checkup, explore the unmatched opportunities of improving your physical health at the Valley Center for Health and Wellness and so much more.

In November 2018, I lost one of my closest and dearest friends, Dr. Thomas D’Alessandro, to pancreatic cancer; I dedicate this issue in his memory. With that loss comes the realization that life is short, and I must take full advantage of all that it has to offer. My personal goal in 2019 is to spend more quality time with family and friends, become involved with an additional nonprofit and work to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Whatever it may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and tips in this issue will inspire you to focus on wellness in the new year. Keep our community healthy by supporting our local businesses and professionals.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you and your family good health in 2019!

Marc Schwartz, publisher