Four Tips for Simplifying the Process

1. One Room at a Time

Spring is the perfect time to transform your bedroom, garage, closet or kitchen. Start by splitting your projects into smaller tasks and breaking it down by space. In kids’ bedrooms, for example, start in the closet, then move on to toys, desks, bookshelves, etc. To prevent becoming overwhelmed, stay focused on the project at hand before moving on to the next section.

2. Closet 101

Keep a donation bag in every closet so you can purge more often when a clothing item is past its prime or outgrown by a little one. Store shoes heel to toe so you can see color, toe style and heel size easily. Organize clothing items by season, color and similar items in order to be more efficient when getting ready in the morning.

3. Kitchen Calm

Store similar items together, and keep the most-used items accessible in easy-to-reach drawers and cabinets. Donate duplicates or items you no longer use, and purge expired items on a regular basis. Keep all heavy items in bottom cabinetry and items used less frequently in upper cabinetry. Also, don’t fall victim to buying every kitchen gadget out there. 

4. Rules to Live By

Don’t let junk mail into your home. Recycle any advertisements and catalogs that don’t pertain to your needs well before setting the mail down on your desk or kitchen counters. File, don’t pile. Make sure important documents, bills, receipts, etc. make their way into a file system that is easily accessible.

Jenneen Ameres is a professional organizer and owner of Conquer Your Clutter, based in Wyckoff.