Five Ways Araya Rebirth Spa Owner Daniela Musano Is Doing Her Part to Be Eco-Conscious

“My favorite cleaning product is actually distilled white vinegar. I put a one-third vinegar and two-thirds water mixture in a squirt bottle and use it to clean wood floors and surfaces. It makes them shine, isn’t harmful to our kids or our cat, and the smell is nice. I even give my kids their own spray bottles so they can help out with cleaning at home.”

“I love my Mighty Beads made by Wyckoff resident and Araya esthetician Gosia Narula. She handcrafts each jewelry piece with an intention to bring joy to whoever wears them. Each stone represents something different; one of my favorites is the Chocolate Moonstone Mala, which has the stones of the mother moon, deep healing waters and sacred feminine energies. Plus it’s really pretty.”

“I first read Be Here Now by Ram Dass in the 1990s, and it has been a pivotal book in my life. It’s about a Harvard professor’s spiritual journey exploring how to reach and achieve a higher consciousness. I have read it many times since.”

“My favorite skincare products are from EmerginC. I use their kombucha cleanser and organic phytocell cream. They use potent plant botanicals, and what I love is that each time you buy a product, they plant a tree. Last year, Araya Rebirth helped in the planting of more than 750 trees! They’re also now offering a complimentary reusable steel straw with every purchase, which cuts down on plastic use.”

“We’re doing our part at Araya Rebirth to be eco-conscious by using only VOC-free paint, lining our decorative walls with reclaimed wood, installing floors made from recycled vinyl, using cabinetry from sustainable and certified forests, and donating all retired linens to a local animal shelter.”

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