“Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right, just dance.” -Anne Lamott

When we think about the women who have made the most impact in our lives, aren’t they always the ones who help us rise up? The ones who stuck around, even if only for a little while and made our lives better by just being in them. May is the month we all typically celebrate spring, mothers and in this issue of Northwest Bergen Lifestyle, women who are working to make their worlds a better place. From reminding us how empowering it can be to feel safe and strong through learning how to defend ourselves, to profiles of three amazing women in our community making a difference, the Women’s issue serves to recognize the powerful role women have in Northwest Bergen. (Men, you’re up next month.)

For those times you find yourself in front of a group or meeting new people, an expert gives advice on presenting your best self. We also feature a special place in Saddle River where women can go to be part of a community where mind, body and spirit are celebrated.

So, to the women of Northwest Bergen: may you find a quiet moment (or two) to enjoy this issue we’ve dedicated to you.

See you around!

Lucy Probert

Editorial Coordinator