Hint: It’s All in the Spine

When it comes to your golf swing, it’s no surprise that your spine is the center of everything.

“Efficient movement of the spine is essential in generating power and speed to your swing,” says Dr. John Gould, a chiropractor at Mainspring Chiropractic in Oakland. “The spine gives your body coordinated movements and postural stability, so it’s vital that it remains strong in order to play the game efficiently, with less injury and for years to come.” 

Dr. Gould, who works with clients at Mainspring Chiropractic as well as Core Golf Performance, an indoor golf training facility in Oakland, has seen it all when it comes to golf-related issues.

“Whether it’s pain from overuse, tightness or stiffness, even old injuries, the goal is always: ‘How can I hit the ball farther and faster?’” he says.

As part of his assessment, Dr. Gould looks at golf swing tendencies to decide if the intervention might be a spine or extremity adjustment, exercises, spine traction to improve posture, a drill or stretches. Sometimes he consults with other golf fitness professionals or instructors on clients as well.

“My best advice is to get an evaluation on your swing because while there is much variability, there are still so many things that can be done to help with creating stability, mobility in the right places and learning how to transfer the energy created in a golf swing through different body parts.”

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