Comic Book Heroes

1) Spiderman is one of our most popular comic books; everyone sees themself in him as he struggles to do the right thing.

2) Hulk is kind of a bridge between good and bad, most guys look at him and say that could be me. 


3) Thor debuted in the 60’s, he’s a Norse god. It’s fun to read about Greek mythology and gods with magical abilities.


4) A pristine edition of the first Superman comic from 1938, sold a few years ago for over $3,000,000 (the one above is from the 70’s). 


5) Detective Comics recently released its 1,000th edition featuring 80 years of Batman stories.


6) Aquaman debuted in the 1940’s and still sells. Our customers, age 5 to 70, come in to Gotham because comics are a great escape from reality.


Matt Whiteley, owner of Gotham Underground Comics & Collectibles, 147 E. Main Street, Ramsey, 201.651.0482,