Goodies for You and Your Furry Friend

1. Danson Charm: Pandora animal charms, Paw Print ($65), Cat and Dog ($50 each) at Danson Jewelers, Allendale.

2. La Pooch Vitamin-Enriched Conditioning Shampoo with Aloe Vera, Panthenol & Vitamin E; It’s gentle and detangles. $20, Groomington Coat Factory, Midland Park.

3. Bow Tie Collars: Crew LaLa Collars come in a variety of colors and patterns, $46 at Groomington Coat Factory, Midland Park.

4. Cards: Play a game of Hearts with these adorable dog-themed playing cards from Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale. $18.75. Send a special note to the animal lover in your life with these animal prints also from Wrendale, $4 each, both at The Depot in Midland Park.

5. Irish Cat and Bunny: Snowflake and Flora are both handmade in Ireland from warm, fuzzy socks. $37.45 each at Carrick Mór, Glen Rock.