Happy and Healthy New Year!

As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals and envision what our future will hold for ourselves and our families. As a young boy, I can remember thinking what the year 2000 would be like and now,  it’s already 2020!

The beginning of the year is a time to cleanse, to start fresh and move forward from where we were 12 months ago. So much change can happen in a year, so as we plan our future and commit to resolutions, we also leave some room to change our minds—to grow and become a better person tomorrow than we are today.

January is our Health and Wellness issue and I’m so excited to share the stories of Dr. Ruchi Kaul of Maitri Wellness and Dr. Ann Marie Olsen of Sophisticated Hearing. Dr. Kaul brings a whole new approach to personalized medical care for each one of her patients. She has the knowledge, experience and compassion that is rarely exhibited in today’s hectic world. HEAR, HEAR, HEAR! Dr. Olsen helps her patients to hear better. She can literally change the lives of people with her expertise, while providing her patients with incredible technological solutions that are fascinating, to say the least.

Try mixing things up a bit by checking out Ellen Park’s DEFINE in Allendale where hammocks, mindballs, ballet barre classes, trampolines and cycling will connect your body and mind while keeping everything in balance. Speaking of “checking,” read all about the Wyckoff Generals, a spring co-ed hockey team for players 17 and under.

If changing your eating habits is in the cards for you in 2020, how about Sweet Potato Spirals instead of Spaghetti Bolognese? Wyckoff ShopRite’s dietitian Johna Mailolli provides you with a recipe filled with colorful, fiber-rich vegetables rather than pasta for a healthier version of an old favorite.

Check out what’s in store for the new decade with five financial tips for 2020 and beyond. Miri Upton of Synergia Financial Group LLC in Ramsey says, “there’s no time like the present to get your financial house in order.” And once you’ve finished your long and productive day, your nighttime skincare routine, provided by The Fountain Spa in Ramsey, will help to cleanse and hydrate your skin so you’ll be looking fresh and vibrant for all your tomorrows.

As new businesses open, old businesses expand, charities fundraise and we all turn one year older, we will continue to be right here with you to share your stories and celebrate your milestones.

Thank you to our readership and to our advertisers who make this all possible.

Happy New Year and as always, please Keep it Local!

Marc Schwartz, Publisher