Cause An Effect

 Giving Back … Pay it Forward.  There are various “directions” one can take when inspired to get involved in community service, whether it is through an organization or just by helping a neighbor through a challenging time.  During this month of Thanksgiving, Northwest Bergen Lifestyle chose to introduce two individuals in our community who embody the spirit of giving and caring for others…

Homegrown Holidays at Abma’s

When the fall season makes you nostalgic for picturesque country living, stop at Abma’s Farm in Wyckoff. One of the only remaining working farms in Bergen County, Abma’s has been part of the fabric of our community since 1929, and the Abma family is now raising its fifth generation of farmers.

Jack’s Rolls are the ‘Maine’ Event

Summer vacations on Long Island planted the seed for a fresh idea in restaurant cuisine for Jack Tabibian. Growing up catching lobsters from the Long Island Sound with five traps (called pots), Jack and his friends and family enjoyed lobsters all weekend and would then throw the pots back in on Sunday night for the following week. Jack moved on…

Mahwah’s Ramapo Valley Road

Driving through time. We do it all the time without an awareness of the history around us. In a high-tech world of Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles, we often drive roadways that take us back generations to a simpler time. Every town in Bergen County has a thoroughfare, a major road that passes through the center of town and usually connects…


When considering where he was going to open his new sushi restaurant, David Seo performed a unique type of market study in several potential locations. He would find the nearest Starbucks and count how many customers entered the establishment on a given day. He analyzed foot traffic in towns like Summit, Madison and Westfield, but there was no contest when it came…

Carved into the Community

When you are in the mood for some amazing ribs, a juicy burger or perhaps just want to catch the game on Sunday afternoon, take a slow ride down Sicomac Avenue in Wyckoff until you see a mailbox labeled “The Barn.” Turn into the gravel parking lot and step back into a bit of Wyckoff history.


Although the word "tapas" originates from the Spanish language meaning “small portions,” don’t assume Cravings is just another Spanish restaurant. Stanka Safian, the general manager, likes to define the cuisine as an infusion of Spanish tastes. This means traditional favorites like octopus and paella are recreated in new and innovative ways and then complemented with other delightful ethnic offerings such…

Kitchen Accomplished

Last year when a Wyckoff couple wanted to update their kitchen, they turned to Bart Lidsky, owner of Ridgewood’s The Hammer & Nail for a complete refresh and renovation. They came to the right place.

Uptown Dining in Downtown Ridgewood

When you step into Felina, you immediately feel immersed in a sense of well-being.

The Perfect Fit:

Everyone notices shoes; they send a powerful message about the person who wears them, which is why most women choose their footwear very carefully. With this in mind, offering shoes that are unique, fashionable and comfortable was the goal of Gabriela Vivas, owner of Dparz Shoes in Ridgewood who found the perfect fit thousands of miles away, in Brazil.