Women Who Inspire Us

 Julia Hochstadt  Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Midland Park  What about your life’s work satisfies you the most?

Speak Up:

Maybe you’re not exactly shy, but speaking up at work, raising your hand at your grade school kids’ HSA meeting or even going into a cocktail party with new people can be intimidating. We all know that first impressions matter, and the bad news is, according to one statistic, it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Seven…

Every Mother’s Dream

Whoever said breakfast in bed should be a special event saved just for Mother’s Day should really reconsider. And pampering that special someone shouldn’t be reserved for a special meal or a day at the spa; sleeping in fine quality sheets, comforters and on an amazing bed every night would be, well, heavenly. Duxiana, located in Ridgewood since 1990, offers the best in…

Women and Money

With more than one-third of mothers in the U.S. now their family’s primary breadwinner, bringing in at least half of household earnings, more women are providing critical financial support at home. Since women typically live five to 10 years longer than their spouses, their careers are often interrupted by family needs and they still earn only 80 cents for every dollar a man earns, it’s…

Women & Spring

“Don’t look at your feet to see if you are doing it right, just dance.” -Anne Lamott When we think about the women who have made the most impact in our lives, aren’t they always the ones who help us rise up? The ones who stuck around, even if only for a little while and … Continued

May 2019 Around Town

Blow Dry Bar Opens in Franklin Lakes A new salon specializing in blow outs opened its doors in the Franklin Lakes Town Square this spring. Blo offers such a la carte services as a 45-minute blow dry, blow outs for the 10 and under crowd, a blow out with deep conditioning treatment and a 55-minute blow … Continued

Cindy Myer

Ridgewood Moving Services owner Cindy Myer has a business card that could be considered unique in her line of work: It features a cartoon character of her smiling and waving. Turns out it’s the perfect representation of her positive attitude, openness and unending promise to provide the best service to her clients as well as create a workplace culture that…

Ridgewood High School Senior Fashion Show

Ridgewood High School seniors from the Class of 2019 walked the runway at the Teaneck Marriott recently, modeling the latest fashion trends from local vendors. A red carpet event, the theme was award shows—think Oscars, Emmys and Teen Choice—and the day featured live and silent auctions. Funds raised went toward the class's Project Graduation 2019 Fund. 

Are You Ready?

The good news is that women are feeling empowered, stronger and more confident. They are standing up for themselves in business and in their personal lives. We’ve learned how to take control and clear away obstacles in front of us. But the reality in one piece of life is stark: We are vulnerable to physical attack, to being overpowered and…

Embrace You!

When they first met at a volunteer event a few years ago, Jen Kraft and Melanie Struble felt a connection right away. Both worked with people dealing with eating disorders, Jen as a yoga teacher and Melanie as a psychotherapist. They both felt very strongly that how people view their bodies, women especially, has an effect on their minds and spirits.